Liz Ann Sonders
Chief Investment Strategist
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

{SentimenTrader.com’s Smart Money / Dumb Money Confidence} is one of my favorite sentiment indexes…

Tony Dwyer
U.S. Portfolio Strategist
Canaccord Genuity

Without question, SentimenTrader.com is the best value on the web. Jason’s analysis enables traders/investors to understand and take advantage of stock market behavior.

Stuart Walton
General Partner
Trek Capital Mgmt., LLC

Hands down the best value on the Street…thanks for making my job easier. Really like your style and your service.

Featured in the book Stock Market Wizards

Dr. Alexander Elder
Author, Trading for a Living

Jason Goepfert who runs SentimenTrader is a hard worker, always looking for new angles from which to read the mass mind. If you are interested in how mass psychology affects the markets and the signals it generates, I suggest you follow the link below. Needless to say, I receive zero compensation for this recommendation — I mention this only as a service to you.

Keith Richards
Portfolio Manager
ValueTrend Wealth Management

I believe that SentimenTrader is one of the best analytical tools out there, giving traders a genuine edge in today’s uncertain markets. Jason provides a full list of sentiment and breadth indicators along with instructions for their interpretation. He also sends subscribers a daily emailed newsletter that I consider worth the subscription cost by itself.

Fari Hamzei
Hamzei Analytics, LLC

Jason Goepfert’s SentimenTrader daily report is in a class by itself. Over the years, the data and analysis provided by this publication have proved insightful to me in my own analysis of the market — helping me maintain my top ranking nationally as a market timer with Timer Digest. This is the first time I have endorsed a market letter, and I am pleased to do so.

Don Hays
Hays Advisory Group

Jason Goepfert, President and CEO of Sundial Capital Research, is…a statistician par excellence…I would suggest that you try this service in your personal repertoire.

Dr. Brett Steenbarger
Psychologist and Author

Other sites that I find helpful for putting data together into a big picture view include…SentimenTrader.  Lots of good…indicators are followed on the site.

Dan Fitzpatrick
Stock Market Mentor

SentimenTrader is a unique and very valuable resource that I use to help me get a handle on what’s really going on.

Todd Harrison
Founder and CEO

I've never seen such a unique and skilled approach to sentiment and its financial applications.

Jeffrey Saut
Chief Investment Strategist
Raymond James

SentimenTrader.com is an always insightful website.

Larry Williams
Trader and Author

Awesome work…

Don Hays
Hays Advisory Group

If you are really into a huge and broad examination of a very wide and divergent array of market analysis...I would suggest that you try this service in your personal repertoire.

Gary B. Smith
Fox News Contributor and Hedge Fund Manager

One of the best “stats” men on the market is Jason Goepfert. He has a nifty site at SentimenTrader.com, and is a master at looking at data to see if it has any usefulness in predicting future market moves.


Finally there is a website where sentiment data is taken seriously and presented thoroughly and concisely. This is no doubt the most complete and accurate collection of sentiment data on the web.

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud
Founder and Editor
True Wealth, Daily Wealth, Sjuggerud Confidential

I highly recommend SentimenTrader.com. I personally subscribe to it, and have for years.

Jared Dillian
Former head of ETF trading at Lehman
Publisher of Daily Dirtnap, author of Street Freak and 10th Man

SentimenTrader does some good work.

Art Cashin
Director of Floor Operations

Sharp-eyed...a dispassionate and respected market veteran.

Barry Ritholtz
co-founder and chief investment officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC

We need to find more objective ways to view and measure sentiment. That is why I find Jason Goepfert’s SentimentTrader website so intriguing. He follows an extraordinary number of indicators that track investor sentiment.

Josh Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC

SentimenTrader is pretty influential among people who watch things like market internals.

Tiho Brkan
Money Manager & Publisher
The Atlas Investor

[SentimenTrader] is great, one of the best newsletters out there.

JC Parets, CMT
All Star Charts

Sentiment is one of the most important tools we have as technicians. There is a lot of data out there and I think SentimenTrader does the best job of compiling it all and making it available for both professional and retail investors.

Bill Fleckenstein
Fleckenstein Capital

Jason’s unique blend of daily market analysis and historical precedent provides readers with a balanced technical view of the market at a very fair price.

Walter Deemer
Founding member of CMT Association
Author of Deemer on Technical Analysis

If you want someone to monitor all the sentiment indicators for you, Jason Goepfert is your man.

Andrew Thrasher, CMT
Portfolio Manager & Founder
Thrasher Analytics

Through my studying for the Chartered Market Technician designation I learned more of the importance of sentiment data. SentimenTrader is the gold-standard in my opinion for curating all that is sentiment, from surveys, to fund flows, to proprietary data sets, to COT data, they have it all. Each morning I make a point to read their daily newsletter and often learn something new about a market move I wouldn’t have been able to read about anywhere else.

Napatree Capital

"We've been subscribing to SentimenTrader for many years. Jason Goepfert and his team do a great job of disseminating investor behavior."

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