Index Trading Strategies

Welcome to our suite of Macro Index Trading Strategies. This collection features 49 unique investment strategies, each crafted from an individual trading model designed to navigate diverse market conditions. Whether your focus is on achieving robust returns, minimizing potential drawdowns, or capitalizing on market trends, our models offer a solution.

All of the strategies are backtestable with built-in strategy rules. With a simple click of a button, users can see the historical performance of a strategy with chart support. Additionally, users can modify the backtest setup rules, providing a quick way to see different results.

Features & Benefits:

Expert-Crafted Strategies
Tailored trading strategies by experts to match individual risk profiles, focusing on maximizing returns or minimizing risks.
Market Adaptability
Suitable for diverse market environments, including trending and volatile conditions.
Informative Dashboard
Displays strategy names, durations, latest signals, and today’s key trading alerts.
Comprehensive Statistics
Quickly assess strategies using key metrics like CAGR, max drawdown, Sharpe ratio, and win rate, with an option to save favorites.
User-Friendly Backtesting
No-code, straightforward strategy testing integrated with our backtest engine.
Detailed Backtest Results
Includes performance charts, transaction logs, and sector performance to support informed decisions.
After exploring our Macro Index Trading Strategies, you might think,
"This is great for the big picture, but what about individual stocks and ETFs?"
With thousands of stocks and ETFs to examine, numerous technical, fundamental, and sentiment indicators to analyze, and backtests to perform, active investing can be overwhelming. Even more daunting is that a single stock can have millions of combinations of entry and exit criteria. This complexity can lead to missed opportunities or, even worse; it can cause traders to chase combinations that ultimately prove irrelevant, leading to a waste of valuable time and effort.

Smart Stock Scanner

Introducing the SentimenTrader Smart Stock Scanner – a ML-aided tool engineered to minimize the time spent hunting for data-backed gem opportunities in the stock market. Designed for efficiency, this tool zeroes in on promising stock opportunities by analyzing over 1,500 S&P stocks (and counting) each day after market closure, presenting users with in-depth backtest reports and actionable insights.

Features & Benefits:

Daily Refresh
Keep abreast of fresh insights with daily updates on selected stock results.
Stock Overview
Rapid access to stock symbols, sectors, trends, and signal types for quick assessments.
Deep Dive Analysis
Delve into win rates, stop-loss percentages, profit goals, and average win/loss stats.
User-friendly Sorting
Organize the list to match your preference for an efficient workflow.
Historical Backtest
Gain assurance with a comprehensive look into each stock's past performance, validating the accuracy and reliability of provided signals.
Efficiency Maximization
Expedite your research, ensuring more accurate stock choices.


Average Annual Return: Performance data available upon login.

Managed by Jason Goepfert, PortfolioEdge is a strategy aiming for positive returns, regardless of prevailing market conditions. It is inspired by Ray Dalio's All-Weather portfolio and diversifies assets across stocks (35%), bonds (35%), gold (5%), commodities (5%), and cash/other (20%) for a balanced risk and return profile. The investments primarily focus on U.S.-based ETFs or options, without the inclusion of leverage or short selling. While holding periods mainly last several months, they can range anywhere from a few weeks to multiple years.

Since 2016, PortfolioEdge has consistently posted updates on the site, offering transparency into its trading tactics. While its objective is to uncover potential trading opportunities, achieve modest gains, and mitigate substantial losses, subscribers are reminded that PortfolioEdge is for educational purposes. It does not offer direct investment advice. Though positions in the portfolio are refreshed bi-weekly, subscribers can opt to receive immediate notifications for significant modifications.

  • All return figures on the site post-2016 aim for transparency and educational value. They are not audited and were primarily intended for Jason's personal reference.
  • Returns within Jason's personal portfolio might not align precisely with those displayed on the website.
  • We prioritize accuracy and transparency. It's essential to understand that prior data, especially before 2016, might not fully reflect the potential results a user could achieve based on the posted updates.