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About SentimenTrader

SentimenTrader, operated by Sundial Capital Research, has been a trusted ally for institutional investors, financial advisors, and individual traders for over 20 years. Built on a foundation of market sentiment-focused, institutional-grade research, and cutting-edge tools, we have been providing our clients with the trading edge necessary for data-driven decision-making.
The analysis and insights offered by our esteemed analysts have influenced financial perspectives in major global publications and media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Barron's, The Economist, Reuters, and CNBC.
Since our inception in 2002, we've evolved from primarily providing research reports to embracing a tech & data-centric approach.
We equip investors with a comprehensive suite of over 2,800 classic and proprietary sentiment, as well as technical indicators. Complementing this, our user-friendly, event-based backtesting engine enables easy strategy validation without the need for any coding skills.
We continuously enhance our AI-assisted, machine-driven suite of solutions, solidifying our status at the industry forefront. With a strong belief in 'Analysis Over Emotion', we equip subscribers to make informed, strategic trading decisions based on data-driven insights. Explore our journey and join us in shaping the future of financial analytics.
Our dedication to leading-edge technology achieved a major milestone in 2023 with the introduction of AI-powered investment tools.

Meet Our Experts

At the heart of SentimenTrader's premium market insights are three key individuals. Our dedicated analysts apply their extensive market knowledge to craft comprehensive research reports that set us apart. Meanwhile, our Chief Information Officer uses his expertise to maintain and enhance our technological capabilities, ensuring that you have access to the most advanced tools in the industry. Meet the minds helping to shape your trading and investment success:
Hao Hu
Chief Information Officer
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Dean Christians, CMT
Senior Research Analyst
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Jay Kaeppel
Senior Research Analyst
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Jason Goepfert
Senior Research Analyst
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In the News

Delve into instances where reputable media outlets have amplified our analysts' insights. From budding enthusiasts to seasoned market watchers, see how the press has underscored our influence in the Financial Markets.

Market Wallows in Uncertainty as Oil Hits New Highs and Small-Caps Lag

In a recent article penned by James "Rev Shark" DePorre for RealMoney, SentimenTrader's analysis shines a spotlight on critical market trends.
James "Rev Shark" DePorre
September 19, 2023 at 12:00 AM UTC

China property stocks rally as better news challenges record media negativity.

In a recent MarketWatch article authored by Jamie Chisholm, SentimenTrader is prominently featured as a reputable source for gauging market sentiment.
Jamie Chisholm
September 4, 2023 at 12:00 AM UTC

How 2023's ‘year of the bond' turned into a furious stock rally unmatched by any in the past quarter-century

In a recent Fortune article titled "How 2023's ‘year of the bond' turned into a furious stock rally unmatched by any in the past quarter-century," SentimenTrader is prominently featured as a reliable source for gauging market sentiment.
Denitsa Tsekova and Bloomberg
July 31, 2023 at 12:00 AM UTC

Success Stories from SentimenTrader Users

Don't just take our word for it. Hear firsthand how SentimenTrader has empowered traders and investors of all levels. From beginners finding their footing to seasoned professionals seeking an edge, see how our insights have made a difference.
Stuart Walton
General Partner
Hands down the best value on the Street…thanks for making my job easier. Really like your style and your service.
Trek Capital Mgmt., LLC
Dr. Alexander Elder
Author, Trading for a Living
Jason Goepfert who runs SentimenTrader is a hard worker, always looking for new angles from which to read the mass mind. If you are interested in how mass psychology affects the markets and the signals it generates, I suggest you follow the link below. Needless to say, I receive zero compensation for this recommendation — I mention this only as a service to you.
Tony Dwyer
U.S. Portfolio Strategist | Canaccord Genuity
Without question, is the best value on the web. Jason’s analysis enables traders/investors to understand and take advantage of stock market behavior.
Canaccord Genuity
Keith Richards
Portfolio Manager
I believe that SentimenTrader is one of the best analytical tools out there, giving traders a genuine edge in today’s uncertain markets. Jason provides a full list of sentiment and breadth indicators along with instructions for their interpretation. He also sends subscribers a daily emailed newsletter that I consider worth the subscription cost by itself.
ValueTrend Wealth Management
Liz Ann Sonders
Chief Investment Strategist | Charles Schwab & Co., Inc
{’s Smart Money / Dumb Money Confidence} is one of my favorite sentiment indexes…
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc
Fari Hamzei
Jason Goepfert’s SentimenTrader daily report is in a class by itself. Over the years, the data and analysis provided by this publication have proved insightful to me in my own analysis of the market — helping me maintain my top ranking nationally as a market timer with Timer Digest. This is the first time I have endorsed a market letter, and I am pleased to do so.
Hamzei Analytics, LLC

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