Navigating Capital Markets with Human Intuition and Machine-Driven Technology Solutions

The foundation of our investment research lies in six core analysis methods:
Market Sentiment
Market Breadth
Price Patterns
Macroeconomic Conditions
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Founded in 2001, Sentimentrader is an independent investment research firm that blends qualitative insights from decades of market analysis with a quantitative approach enhanced by machine-driven technology solutions.

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Data & Technology

  • Chart and Analyze 3000+ Indicators
  • Proprietary Backtest Engine
  • Data API Connection

Research Reports

  • SentimentEdge
  • ModelEdge
  • Kaeppel's Corner


  • Index Trading Strategies
  • AI Stock Scanner
  • PortfolioEdge

Our Process:

Raw data is meticulously collected and processed to provide data source for our extensive suite of 2800+  classic and proprietary indicators and charts. Leveraging our sophisticated, proprietary backtesting engine, our seasoned analysts uncover extreme signals within these indicators. These machine-generated findings lay the groundwork for our technology-driven
product line: PortfolioEdge, the AI Stock Scanner, Index Trading Strategies, and comprehensive market reports.

But that's not all – we go beyond. We make our indicators and backtesting engine tools available to subscribers, empowering them to derive their own distinct market perspectives.

Our Product Bundles

Empower Your Investment Journey: Comprehensive Tools, In-depth Research, and Next-Gen Technology at Your Fingertips.

Research Reports

Seeking an unparalleled market edge? Explore our meticulously crafted institutional-grade research reports.
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This bundle provides access to the Sentimentrader research team, individuals with diverse industry backgrounds, each possessing two decades or more of experience on Wall Street.
Exclusive access to all our analyst reports, including SentimentEdge Report, ModelEdge Report and Kappel’s Corner, delivered through your member portal and straight to your inbox.
With the Report Bundle, you'll gain an edge from actionable research reports from veteran market analysts who use a quantitative approach that is consistent and repeatable.
Armed with one of the most robust market databases in the investment research business, our analysts carefully assess asset classes worldwide through various indicators and models to uncover emerging trends.
Sign up now and gain access to industry-leading insights. Let us partner with you so that you can make more informed trading and investing decisions.
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Ready to elevate your trading or investing research capabilities? The Essential package provides you with the tools you need to gain a market edge:
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With our research reports, expansive data library, and technology-driven solutions at your disposal, you can confidently make more informed decisions.
Research reports: Institutional-grade research reports delivered through our member portal and directly to your inbox.
IndicatorEdge: Dive deep into analysis with over 3,000+ indicators and charts, covering all major asset classes.
Backtest Engine 2.0: An intuitive tool to test trading ideas without having to write a single line of code.
Index Trading Strategies: Stay ahead of market trends by actively monitoring a wide array of our proprietary index trading strategies, informing you about the most recent developments in technical and fundamental factors.
PortfolioEdge: Jason Goepfert’s real-time portfolio.
Invitations to member-exclusive events for insights and networking.
The Essentials Bundle offers the perfect blend of expert advice and self-directed research, designed for traders and investors who have more time to analyze markets.

Essentials + AI

Keen to harness the future of investment? Discover uncharted investment territories with our AI-enhanced tools.
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This bundle takes everything you love about the Essentials Bundle and supercharges it with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Here's what's included:
All features of the Essentials Bundle;
A dynamic AI stock scanning tool designed to unearth hidden gem opportunities within the stock market, efficiently minimizing your time on tedious data hunting.
By expanding your investment horizon with AI, you'll benefit from a more diverse and potentially rewarding selection of stocks.

Dive into the future of AI-enhanced investment.
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DataEdge API

What can SentimenTrader's DataEdge API do for you? It offers both historical and instant update access to a vast array of over 2,800 indicators.
An exclusive tool, once reserved for top-tier institutions, now open to all our dedicated subscribers.
Perfectly suited for hedge funds, prop trading groups, investment advisory firms, and systematic traders.
Integrate SentimenTrader data effortlessly into your preferred software platform and programming language.
Receive complimentary access to the Essentials+AI Bundle.
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Choose from Three Pricing Tiers tailored to meet your individual trading and research needs.

Why Sentimentrader is Your Best Choice?

Straightforward Insights
Dive into straightforward, actionable insights without being bogged down by needless fluff or industry jargon.
Objective Guidance
We equip you with the tools and insights to make investment decisions without emotional bias, ensuring you approach trading with balance and objectivity.
Measure Risk Reward
With our tools, anticipate the potential success of a trade before making a move, giving you a unique advantage in the market.
Decades of Expertise
Benefit from the vast experience of our analysts. Their real-world trading knowledge will fast-track your market understanding and strategies.
Cutting-Edge Technology
Our user-friendly SentimenTrader software equips you with a multitude of sentiment, breadth, trend, and macro indicators, streamlining your analysis process.
Trusted by Professionals
Our users, from novices to professionals, vouch for the positive impact of our insights on their trading strategies.
Join the traders transforming their strategies with SentimenTrader.
Stuart Walton
General Partner
Hands down the best value on the Street…thanks for making my job easier. Really like your style and your service.
Trek Capital Mgmt., LLC
Tony Dwyer
U.S. Portfolio Strategist | Canaccord Genuity
Without question, is the best value on the web. Jason’s analysis enables traders/investors to understand and take advantage of stock market behavior.
Canaccord Genuity
Liz Ann Sonders
Chief Investment Strategist | Charles Schwab & Co., Inc
{’s Smart Money / Dumb Money Confidence} is one of my favorite sentiment indexes…
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc