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Why the Nasdaq 100 looks vulnerable. The Santa Clause gold miner rally is out of control!

Check out the companies making headlines in midday trading.

Jason Goepfert12-13-2021 at 12:00 am

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Now this is what smart money can do.

Jason Goepfert, our Chief Research Officer, has delivered an average annual return of 11.6% to SentimentEdge Report* subscribers — with no down years — since 2007. Now that’s smart research.

11.6%Average Annual Return
15 YearsTrack Record
0Down Years

The PortfolioEdge Approach

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  • The objective of PortfolioEdge is to provide positive absolute returns, no matter the market conditions, based on Jason Goepfert’s investor sentiment insights.
  • PortfolioEdge targets absolute returns and does not measure its model portfolio’s performance relative to any benchmarks.
  • Jason Goepfert’s trading ideas are relatively conservative — no leverage and no shorting is employed in managing PortfolioEdge’s model portfolio.
  • Jason Goepfert’s trades only involve U.S.-based ETFs or options — rarely individual stocks.
  • The typical time horizon for any PortfolioEdge holding is several months — but can, depending on Jason Goepfert’s sentiment insights, range from weeks to years.


What You Get

  • Typically, Jason Goepfert makes bi-weekly updates to PortfolioEdge’s positions.
  • As a subscriber, you receive Flash Bulletins from Jason Goepfert whenever there’s an update to any PortfolioEdge position other than the bi-weekly changes.
  • Subscribers have 24/7 access to the PortfolioEdge portfolio and Jason Goepfert’s current and archived portfolio updates — via’s Member Portal.
  • Once a month, PortfolioEdge subscribers have exclusive webinar access to Jason Goepfert and the research team to get answers to the questions that matter most to them.
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Who Manages PortfolioEdge

Veteran industry insider, analyst and trader Jason Goepfert sifts through promising opportunities to provide PortfolioEdge subscribers with actionable investment ideas that put his trading insights to work.

Jason Goepfert

Chief Research Officer, Sundial Capital Research

Vason Goepfert is a research analyst focused on the development of behavioral finance. Prior to founding Sundial Capital Research in 2001, he worked with Deephaven Capital Management, a Minnesota-based hedge fund, and Wells Fargo's online brokerage unit.

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PortfolioEdge Investment Track Record

Find hidden trading opportunities with high return potential — based on the sentiment research of veteran industry insider, analyst and trader Jason Goepfert.

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Follow the smart money to hidden trading opportunities.
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Use PortfolioEdge to complement your portfolio with trading opportunities often overlooked by most investors — where our sentiment analyst, Jason Goepfert, invests his own money — based on his own unique, unbiased research.

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