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You don’t need to spend hours on research to make smart trades. With IndicatorEdge HQ, you have over 3,000 indicators at your fingertips.

Applying our in-depth sentiment, seasonality and quantitative research to your trading can make all the difference.

IndicatorEdge HQ is your one-stop gateway to more than 3,000 classic and proprietary indicators — all on one site, not hundreds — saving you hours of searching online for indexes that are hard to find or don’t exist elsewhere.

Let IndicatorEdge HQ give you the superpowers that come with our indicator-driven trading insights, faster than a speeding bullet.

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What IndicatorEdge HQ can do for you

Get the superpower tools you need from over 3,000 indicators.
That’s what our IndicatorEdge HQ subscribers do...on one site.

How you will benefit from IndicatorEdge HQ...

  • Become an even more responsive asset manager and caretaker of each client’s financial future.
  • Tune out all the noise from the "Street" and tune into only timely, accurate, unbiased research and analytics easily.
  • Gain an edge with instant, one-stop access to unique, unbiased sentiment, seasonality and quantitative trading insights and analysis.
  • Make more sense of what’s behind market movements and investor behavior, quickly and easily.
  • Uncover the market’s best opportunities and worst threats for your clients (usually hidden from the "Street").
  • Select the investments your clients need to buy, hold, sell or avoid (smarter and faster than ever).

Our Industry-Leading Indicators, Signals & Models

As an IndicatorEdge HQ subscriber, get access to over 3,000 indicators — including proprietary models unavailable elsewhere — and pull ahead of the “Street” every day.

Below are a list of some of our most popular models and indicators. We are constantly looking for new methods and approaches to measuring investor sentiment and are constantly adding new models and indicators.

Proprietory Model Indicators

  • Smart Money/Dumb Money Confidence Spread
  • Smart Money/Dumb MoneyConfidence
  • STEM Model
  • Short-Term Optimism Index (Optix)
  • Short-Term and Intermediate-Term Risk Levels
  • AIM (Advisor and Investor Model)
  • % Showing Excess Pessimism
  • % Showing Excess Optimism
  • Intermediate Term Optimism Index (Optix)
  • Bond Optix
  • Smart Money Confidence
  • Dumb Money Confidence
  • % Showing Excess Optimism-Pessimism Spread
  • Fear & Greed Model
  • Short-Term Risk Levels
  • Medium-Term Risk Levels
  • Gold Risk Levels
  • Crude Oil Risk Levels
  • Bond Risk Levels
  • Ag Risk Levels
  • Bear Market Probability Model
  • Short Term Combined Model
  • Macro Index Model
  • Aggregate Signal Model
  • Exposure Level
  • Panic/Euphoria Model
  • Bear Market - Macro Index Spread

Other Indicators

  • S&P 500*
  • NASDAQ 100*
  • Basic Materials*
  • Energy*
  • Industrials*
  • Financials*
  • Technology*
  • Staples*
  • Discretionary*
  • Health Care*
  • Utilities*
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IndicatorEdge HQ

Tap your inner superpowers.
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Only IndicatorEdge HQ on just one site.

IndicatorEdge HQ subscribers have the power to invest with the in-depth trading insight that comes from more than 3,000 sentiment, seasonality and quantitative indicators and models — including our proprietary Smart Money Confidence and Dumb Money Confidence indicators, plus many more custom models.

The result? IndicatorEdge HQ subscribers have an unparalleled, clear-headed view of what’s happening in financial markets, what’s behind every move, what’s next and what’s in it for investors.

Every powerful indicator, right at your fingertips, on one site

  • Jump to the indicators you need within seconds
  • Scan every list quickly with pop-up previews
  • Apply easy-to-use filters to show only the indicators you want
  • Glance quickly at market extremes to gauge sentiment
  • Sort columns to your needs easily

See some of our Free Indicators

Smart Money Confidence Indicator

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Dumb Money Confidence Indicator

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Profit from more than 3,000 indicators. Use only one easy-to-view format, on one site only.

Save time and gain unparalleled market insight unavailable elsewhere — with instant access to over 3,000 indicators on one site that monitor investor sentiment, market breadth and much, much more.

Tailor every indicator and model to your needs via an easy-to-use interactive chart

  • Zoom, pinch and scroll through history.
  • Print the chart or save as an image.
  • Plot a moving average, another index or a secondary one.
  • Invert the axis to better compare against price history.
  • See related charts, background information or any other relevant research.
  • Save to your customized list of favorite charts (so you can scroll through your list with just one click).
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