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This isn’t your typical data wizardry.
It’s DataEdge API.

You use our unique, data-driven sentiment research and analytics to make quick, well-informed investment decisions every day. Now you have exclusive access to the data behind it all — quickly and easily — any and every way you want.

DataEdge API is your gateway to the sentiment, seasonality and quantitative trading data behind our indicators, models and signals. And you don’t have to follow the yellow brick road for miles to get it. You’re just a few keystrokes and clicks away.

DataEdge API

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What DataEdge API can do for you

Leave no stone unturned in search of the best data.
Now turn, drill down or crunch every byte of data in seconds.

How you will benefit from DataEdge API...

  • Gain an edge with instant access to the data we use to provide you and your clients with unique, unbiased insight and analysis.
  • Make more sense of what’s behind market movements and investor behavior with the data behind our research.
  • Crunch the data we use to uncover the market’s best opportunities and worst threats for your clients (usually hidden from the "Street").
  • Tune out all the noise from the "Street" and tune into the data our analysts use to provide timely, accurate, unbiased research and analytics.
  • Use the data behind our indicators and signals to select the investments you need to buy, hold, sell or avoid for your clients (smarter and faster than ever).
  • Become an even more informed asset manager to your clients in just a few keystrokes and clicks.
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DataEdge API

Crunch our numbers like a Wizard of Data.
Our DataEdge API subscribers do it all the time.

In the old days, we faxed or emailed the data you needed or discussed it on the phone. With DataEdge API, this transfer of data happens digitally, without us at all, opening a channel that enables you to, quite literally, use our data quickly, easily and more accurately.

Find exactly the data you need in just a few keystrokes and clicks.

DataEdge API can help you sift through every byte of our one-of-a-kind, institutional-grade sentiment, seasonality and quantitative trading research on our site — via more than 3,000 indicators, models and signals.


DataEdge API brings you thisclose to easy-to use, fast-to-crunch invaluable data

In just a few keystrokes and clicks, DataEdge API delivers exactly the data you require from one of the industry's deepest databases of premium and proprietary sentiment, seasonality and quantitative trading research and analytics.

All you need to do is easily and quickly crunch the numbers you need on site.

  • Immediate access via API to our database, proprietary indicators, custom models and signals (to support your trading ideas for stocks, bonds, commodities and ETFs).
  • See the indicators and models you can use to develop a winning trading strategy right here.

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