New Feature - Saving a backtest as a favorite

Over the weekend, we released an often requested feature - the ability to save backtests as 'favorites'.

To use this new feature, setup your backtest per your normal process and run it. Once you've run the backtest, a new option appears to 'Save' the backtest to your favorites. Once you've saved it, that exact backtest is stored into your favorites and displayed in the Favorites tab on the backtest page.

Here's a screenshot of my current favorites:

sentimentrader Backtest Favorites

If you want to 'load' one of your backtest favorites, you just need to hit the 'play' button and that backtest will load and run on the page.  To delete a favorite, just hit the 'X" button.  The plus-sign icon will expand the backtest favorite to show the parameters for that particular favorite.

As always, we try to continue to add value to the site so if you have any ideas for new features or changes to existing features, just let us know.

The post titled New Feature - Saving a backtest as a favorite was originally published as on on 2018-01-01.

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