7-figure accounts surge along with mo-mo market

Seven-figure surge

Retail traders are becoming manic about trading stocks. The constant drumbeat of new highs combined with zero commissions has proved to be irresistible, and a record number of them have account balances worthy of bragging rights.

According to Fidelity, there has been a surge in the number of accounts worth more than a $1 million.

Fidelity millionaire 401k retirement accounts

The rate of growth over the past year is among the most impressive we've ever seen. The only time that can compare is in 2009, but that was coming off a very low base following the financial crisis. This is more indicative of a runaway market than a recovering one.

Bollinger Bands and momentum

As Seth Golden noted, the S&P has gone many days without a -5% pullback and is currently more than 2 standard deviations above its 200 day average.

When the S&P went 117 days without a -5% drawdown from 1 year highs while it was more than 2 standard deviations above its 200 dma, the S&P's forward returns on nearly every time frame were more bullish than random.

This is the main contradiction right now in stocks - things are stretched to a degree that usually precedes flat or negative returns over the short- to medium-term, but when it gets so stretched, it has an even stronger tendency to lead to higher returns longer-term.

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