BackTest Edge 2.0 BETA

If history is any guide, the future is foreseeable.
Says every BackTest Edge 2.0 BETA subscriber.

All backtests are not created equal. Most are code-heavy simulators that backtest only one strategy at a time based on standard market data, often spitting out biased results.

BackTest Edge 2.0 BETA

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What BackTest Edge 2.0 BETA can do for you

Past events are indicative of the future.
With our event-driven BackTest Edge 2.0 BETA system.

How you will benefit from BackTest Edge...

  • Determine how much risk your clients can afford to take before you actually implement their trading strategy.
  • Use historical data to backtest how your client’s trading strategy might have played out in the past (and might play out in the future).
  • Backtest infinite combinations of your client’s trading ideas to narrow your focus to the best trading strategy.
  • Go "live" with your client’s trading strategy with the confidence that comes from realistic, reliable, unbiased backtest results.
  • Prevent your client from making costly trading errors in the future (avoiding poor performance).
  • Analyze the historical behavior of your client’s trading strategy to determine how profitable it might be (in just a few clicks, without any coding).
  • Harness the power of countless entry and exit preferences, proprietary indicators and realistic, event-based market data to gauge the future potential of your client’s trading strategy (not untested hunches).
  • Understand the behavior of any trading strategy during "up" and "down" periods in history to determine how much money your clients could earn or lose.
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BackTest Edge 2.0 BETA

You don’t need a fortune teller to see the future.
You just need BackTest Edge 2.0 BETA.

What happens in the past can happen in the future. With our event-driven BackTest Edge 2.0 BETA system, use past market events to predict the future viability of any trading strategy. See how every trading idea you have plays out in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

Use our drilled-down, historical sentiment, seasonality and quantitative trading indicators to test a new idea and — with accurate, unbiased results — pinpoint the best trading strategy for your investment portfolio.


Predicting the future is not an exact science. With BackTest Edge 2.0, it is.

You have a hunch that your investment strategy may yield solid returns for years to come. Before you make any move, test if your “theory” is a winner or loser.

With BackTest Edge 2.0 BETA, make more informed decisions about your trading ideas — based on countless entry and exit preferences, close to 3,000 proprietary sentiment indicators, hundreds of technical indicators and timely, event-based market data — so you don’t gamble your investment capital on an untested hunch.

Here’s what BackTest Edge 2.0 BETA, the only no-code, event-driven backtester with built-in sentiment indicators, can do for you...

  • Run event-based backtests for more accurate forecasts (without programming even a byte).
  • Create multiple entry and exit points (based on proprietary indicator, price action and time-in-market data).
  • Set your starting capital.
  • Configure the backtest time range.
  • Set your commissions and slippage (and BackTest Edge 2.0 BETA will incorporate this information into your backtest).
  • Save your backtests, rerun them or copy them to use on other symbols and more.
  • View reports and performance stats for every backtest you run.

And this is just the beginning. Backtest Engine 3.0 will be released later this year, packed with even more features to bring you the highest standard of backtest accuracy and reliability.

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