SentimenTrader Essentials Package Easter Sale Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Duration of Sale:

The sale commences on March 28, 2024, at 10:00 AM and concludes on April 2, 2024, at 10:00 AM, according to New York Time (Eastern Standard Time). Participants are obligated to adjust this to their respective local time zones.


The promotion is strictly reserved for individuals classified as new SentimenTrader users, herein defined as those who have not previously subscribed to, nor participated in a trial of, any SentimenTrader services.

Offer Details:

The specifics of the promotional rate for the Essentials Yearly package will be made available upon engagement in the promotional activities hosted on the SentimenTrader website. Said rate shall remain in effect for the duration of the subscription, with provision for annual adjustments in response to inflation.

Accessing the Promotion:

Eligible participants are required to navigate to within the stipulated promotional period. The promotional rate will be conferred automatically, negating the necessity for a discount code.

Special Trial Period for This Promotion:

Exclusively for the duration of this promotion, new users shall be entitled to a 10-day free trial period. It is incumbent upon our subscription management system to solicit credit card information at the time of signing up for the free trial, which shall not incur any charge until the expiration of the trial period and the commencement of the official subscription.

Instructions for Current In-Trial Users:

a. For Users Engaged in Trials of Alternative Service Bundles: Individuals presently engaged in a trial of a service bundle divergent from the Essentials Yearly package, and who aspire to partake in this promotional offer, are mandated to initiate communication with SentimenTrader via [email protected]. Upon successful migration to the Essentials Yearly package, promotional pricing will be implemented.

b. For Users Currently Trialing the Essentials Yearly Bundle Concurrently with the Promotion: Individuals undergoing a trial of the Essentials Yearly bundle during the Easter Sale period are compelled to establish communication with SentimenTrader at [email protected] to verify the application of the promotional rate for subsequent billing, in lieu of the standard rate. In instances where the current trial exceeds the 10-day complimentary trial period, the participant’s subscription will be automatically transitioned to the Essentials Yearly package at the promotional rate, and the credit card on file will be accordingly charged.

Regular Trial Period for Other Plans:

SentimenTrader provides a standard 30-day trial period for subscriptions to plans not encompassed by this promotion, at regular pricing.

Cancellation Policy:

Subscribers retain the right to cancel their subscription at any juncture; however, refunds shall not be issued for any cancellations. This policy extends to the prohibition of partial refunds for any unused segments of the billing cycle. Access to services will persist until the culmination of the billing cycle.

Automatic Renewal:

Subscriptions are subject to automatic annual renewal at the promotional rate, which is safeguarded for the tenure of the subscription with allowance for annual inflationary adjustments. The continuance of the subscription under the promotional rate is automated unless the auto-renewal function is deactivated by the subscriber, either through direct communication with SentimenTrader at [email protected] or via modifications undertaken within the client's portal. The deactivation of auto-renewal rests solely with the client.

Limited Availability:

This offer is constrained by availability and may be subject to alterations or withdrawal without prior notification.

Privacy and Usage Guidelines:

· Privacy Policy: Details regarding the management of personal data can be accessed via the SentimenTrader Privacy Policy.

· Usage Guidelines: The Essentials Yearly Subscription is allocated solely for the use of a single user and prohibits the redistribution of the service. This is consistent with the terms delineated in the SentimenTrader General Subscription Agreement.

Customer Support:

For inquiries related to billing, technical issues, or for additional support, please contact [email protected].

Agreement to Terms:

Subscription to, or the continuation of a subscription for the Essentials Yearly package during this sale constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.


This offer, presented by SentimenTrader, is subject to modifications or cancellation at any given time. The most up-to-date terms related to this sale are accessible on our website.