Market Sentiment

This page provides an overview of our main Market Sentiment Optimism Indexes (Optix) covering the major markets, commodities and currencies.

Each market in the table is accompanied by an "dot". That dot shows the current level of Sentiment for that market relative to its recent range. "Extremely Pessimistic" (the far left, darkest green) means the indicator is showing that investors have likely already sold and that market should rise; "Extremely Optimistic" (the far right, darkest red), on the other hand, means that Sentiment is suggesting investors are too confident and that market may fall going forward. The more extreme the indicator, the stronger the contrary signal.

Optimism Index (Optix)
Market Date Pessimism Neutral Optimism
Bonds 2021-11-30
British Pound 2021-11-30
CRB Index 2021-11-30
Canadian Dollar 2021-11-30
Cattle 2021-11-30
Cocoa 2021-11-30
Coffee 2021-11-30
Copper 2021-11-30
Corn 2021-11-30
Cotton 2021-11-30
Crude Oil 2021-11-30
Euro 2021-11-30
Gold 2021-11-30
Heating Oil 2021-11-30
Hogs 2021-11-30
S&P 500 2021-11-30
Japanese Yen 2021-11-30
Lumber 2021-11-30
Natural Gas 2021-11-30
Orange Juice 2021-11-30
Platinum 2021-11-30
Silver 2021-11-30
Soybeans 2021-11-30
Sugar 2021-11-30
Swiss Franc 2021-11-30
US Dollar 2021-11-30
Wheat 2021-11-30