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VIX Panic Subsides As Smart - Dumb Spread Widens

2018-02-21 | Jason Goepfert

This is an abridged version of our Daily Report.Buy the panic, or waitBuying into a panic is hard, and much advice suggests waiting until the panic has subsided.Looking at large spikes in the VIX “fear gauge”, we look at returns following the initial spike versus waiting. Buying into the panic ...

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Backtesting The Smart And Dumb Money

2017-10-10 | Jason Goepfert

With the newest version of the Backtest Engine that Eric created, now we can see how almost any indicator we cover has impacted market performance going forward, including when that market was in a bull or bear market.This updated Engine allows users to change the markets tested and whether ...

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Strategy Development - Smart Money / Dumb Money Confidence Spread

2016-08-10 | Eric D. Brown

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