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Website update

2020-03-20 | Jason Goepfert

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Moving Averages: everything you need to know

2020-01-30 | Troy Bombardia

Moving averages reveal the market's trend by taking an average of the market's price. Here's how to use this indicator, and how useful it is when trading.

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Stochastic Indicator: everything you need to know

2020-01-23 | Troy Bombardia

The Stochastic Indicator (also called Stochastic Oscillator) demonstrates the market's trend & momentum. Here's how to use this indicator.

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Ultimate Guide to MACD

2020-01-16 | Troy Bombardia

MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) is a momentum indicator. Here's how to use it, and exactly how well this indicator works.

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Smart Money Index: Everything You Should Know

2020-01-12 | Troy Bombardia

Smart Money Index (SMI), aka Smart Money Flow Index, tries to understand what the smart money is doing vs. the dumb money. Learn more about this indicator

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Ultimate guide to the Hindenburg Omen

2020-01-09 | Troy Bombardia

The Hindenburg Omen is a useful technical indicator which uses breadth divergences to predict market crashes & declines. Learn more about this indicator

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The Ultimate List Of Most Useful Accounts For Finance Twitter

2018-07-13 | Jason Goepfert

Learn which Finance Twitter accounts are useful based on followers and engagement.

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