Active Alts SentimenTrader Long Short Strategy Update

Dear Members,

I recently announced that SentimenTrader has teamed up with Brad Lamensdorf, CEO of Active Alts to launch the Active Alts SentimenTrader Long Short Strategy.

A note from Brad:

We have been quite happy with the performance. The strategy was down 0.56% in October and is up 14.38% YTD vs the sp500 which was down 3.6% in October and is up 0.37% for the year (through October). You Can go to for more information.

I created this exclusive video for investors like you, to share some of my most important work over the last 30 years. After watching this short video you can set up a call with me personally, and I'll show you:

  1. How a long / short strategy could benefit your portfolio.
  2. How our strategy can profit in good times and bad.

I’m offering an opportunity for you to speak directly to a top money manager that has spent the better part of his life dedicated solely to perfecting his investment skills. I hope you take advantage of this no-obligation opportunity.

Click here to watch the video and schedule a call.

Or, see below for the Fact Sheet and full strategy presentation.


Brad Lamensdorf

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