Sentiment Backtesting Engine

Backtest all of our sentiment indicators against multiple indexes and ETF's across multiple timeframes

In addition to the other services we offer, SentimenTrader provides a sentiment backtesting engine that allows our users to backtest sentiment indicators across multiple timeframes against various indexes and ETF's.

Features of the sentiment backtesting Engine include:

  • Ability to save your favorite indicators / signals backtests to quickly run again.
  • Ability to backtest over 700 indicators against over 140 indexes and ETF's.
  • The Backtest engine has access to sentiment measures for the Equity Market, Bonds, Commodities and ETF's
  • Access to an Interactive charts that allows you to analyze sentiment data combined with Price data to determine the best backtest parameters

As a way to introduce the backtesting engine, we've put together a quick video showing the use of the engine along with a brief overview of some parts of the website.

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