Our Core Mission

Giving investors and advisors the best chance for investment success isn't just our mission. It's what we do every day.

"We want to help all investors and advisors, from beginners to advanced users, make better investment decisions via machine-driven research, analysis and tools that empower them to quickly and simply test and execute their trading ideas. This way, we can make automated trading accessible and affordable to everyone, regardless of their trading skills."
William McNarland
Chairman of the Board & CEO, Sundial Capital Research

SentimenTrader at a Glance

Our Story


Sundial Capital Research, doing business as SentimenTrader.com, has an illustrious 20-year history of providing institutional investors, financial advisors and self-directed investors with an undeniable trading edge.

Through our market sentiment-focused, institutional-grade and machine-driven research, analysis and tools, our customers gain the edge they need to make better trading decisions.


With a total of over 2,500 proprietary sentiment indicators and 3,000 sentiment and technical indicators available to investors and advisors, SentimenTrader.com is a one-stop source for U.S. capital market indicators and research.

SentimenTrader.com is the only provider that incorporates nearly 3,000 proprietary sentiment indicators and hundreds of technical indicators into an event-based backtesting engine — making our backtesting so much more accurate and reliable.

Anyone can run backtests with our system. It’s easy to use — no programming is necessary.


Today, our market research and trading tools assist many high-profile institutional investors worldwide with their every-day trading decisions.

The analysis and insights of our analysts also frequently appear in major publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Barron's, The Economist, Reuters, CNBC and many more.

Our state-of-the-art, machine-driven suite of solutions is continuously evolving. Tomorrow, we are committed to expanding the research, analysis and tool solutions we have to offer, empowering our customers to gain an even sharper trading edge.

Fast Facts

SolutionsResearch, Analysis & Tools
FocusU.S. Capital MarketEquities, Options, Commodities & Bonds
Global OfficesAtlanta, Calgary, Chicago, Denver, Hang Zhou, Minneapolis, Montreal & Vancouver

Meet the SentimenTrader Team

Our team's wealth of knowledge, expertise and insight offers investors and advisors an undeniable trading edge.

William McNarland

Chairman of the Board & CEO

Calgary, Canada

Jason Goepfert

Chief Research Officer

Minneapolis, USA

Eric D. Brown, D.Sc.

Chief Information Officer

Denver, USA

Hao Hu

Senior Technology Officer

Vancouver, Canada

Jay Kaeppel

Senior Research Analyst

Chicago, USA

Dean Christians, CMT

Senior Research Analyst

Atlanta, USA

Alana Trachenko

Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

Victoria, Canada

Andrea Li

Operations Manager

Vancouver, Canada

Jinjing Yu

Testing & Office Manager

Hangzhou, China

Jiaheng Li

Machine Learning & Data Analysis

Hangzhou, China

Jinhua Long

Developer & Website Frontend

Hangzhou, China

Xinggang Xue

Developer & Python Backend

Hangzhou, China

Lishan He

Developer & Website Frontend

Hangzhou, China

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